Healthy and Delicious

We harvest birch sap with respect of the forest.
We harvest by hand, with care, on wild birch trees from Quebec.
Birch sap is an elixir of life in every traditional boreal medicines.

Your local source of health

pure sap

Neither micro-filtered, nor pasteurized

Sapidity Birch Water is 100% pure sap from wild birch trees.

Our sap is not traited by heat
. Nothing added, nothing taken away.
Precious enzymes and phyto-chemicals remain intact.

Sapidity is a living source water.


Birch sap is an healthy beverage

Sapidity Birch Water is 100% pure birch sap from white birch.

It is loaded with antioxidants, amino-acids and more than 40 minerals. Drink for the pleasure or as a detoxifying cure. Living birch sap helps your body eliminate toxins, uric acid, salt and water retention.

Sapidity is charged with naturally occurring electrolytes.